Before you start

Learn about the SANDBOX environment terms of use: Regulations

These terms contain important information that determines the rules of the permitted use of the content and the software that are included in the SANDBOX environment.

Passive access to the content of the SANDBOX environment is possible for unregistered users.

Active access to the software, in particular to testing the API functions provided by this software, is possible only for registered users.

User registration

Registered users are able to use all of the content and the software that are offered by the SANDBOX environment:

  • Detailed information about the API functions provided by banking systems located in SANDBOX.
  • Ability to log into banking systems using their own user interfaces (GUI) and personal interactive familiarization with the functions of these systems.
  • Possibility of an active testing of API functions calls of banking systems placed in SANDBOX.

The user registration process consists of two stages:

  • Entering data to an application for creating a new user, which requires the following information: name and surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, company name. The entered data is placed in the application for creating a user account of the SANDBOX environment. The application is forwarded to the SANDBOX administrator for approval.
  • Verification and acceptance of the application for creating a user. Verification and acceptance are usually carried out immediately. In unusual cases, it may turn out that before the acceptance we would like to confirm the information provided in the application. We will inform you about the acceptance process via e-mail to the contact address provided.

REST API User Guide

REST API User Guide contains all aspects of the API use. Describes conceptions and solutions with examples. It's the obligatory reading before the beginning.

Sample REST API scenarios

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